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Jalapeno Sweetcorn Relish

Jalapeno Sweetcorn Relish

A staple condiment in Louisiana, this is our take on the iconic sweetcorn relish. It's both sweet and spicy!

Heat Level: 🌶🌶

Size: 275ml

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What it tastes like: 

Sweetcorn is the star of the show here, mix that with both green jalapenos and the sweetness of red Roquito peppers and you're on to a winner!

What we make with it:

An accompaniment in its truest sense, this is to go on those late-night burgers and kebabs, spoon it on and get your face in there!

What's in it:

Sweetcorn (43%), sugar, vinegar, chilli peppers (10%) (jalapeno and roquito), water, salt, onion, garlic, MUSTARD, turmeric, gelling agent: pectin

Allergens in CAPITALS

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